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Methuen Fine Art
272 Broadway #732
Methuen, MA 01844  USA
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General Business Information

We strive to find interesting art at the right price and can offer the public and dealers a limited inventory due to the fact that finding 'decent' art at good prices can be difficult. Typically these pieces are far and few between; we sometimes do not make a purchase for a year or two - though we make offers, bids, etc.

Should you require more information on an item, feel free to contact us via email. We are not open to the public or the trade. For those living near either office, it may be possible to view a piece in person; an appointment could be arranged.

Currently the artwork is split between coasts. Works residing in our West Coast Office are noted in the description. Artwork in our main East Coast Office/Headquarters is only available for purchase and shipping from approximately late April to late October. Artwork within our West Coast Office can typically be shipped from early November to mid-April. There may be some exceptions or unusual cases where shipping of an item might be possible while away in our other office.

SAVE $$$$ - Unlike auction houses/galleries that have a 15% to 25% commission or fee, there is no such fee for Methuen Fine Art Customers - saving our customers literally thousands of dollars at times!

Methuen Fine Art...Buying/Selling/Re-Framing/Professional Restoration since 1987